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Asset Management

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The access to the Filerobot administration Console supports SSO over SAMLv2. Filerobot officially supports Multi-Factor Authentication (Email + Phone).

Replication & Backup

Cross-regional storage and uploading architecture (reverse CDN). Distributed computing for optimal processing performance

GDPR Compliance

As a European company, we ensure continued compliance with EU data privacy laws and regulations.

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Enterprise Support

Filerobot's Advanced and Premium Support enable to reach high levels of availabilities with extended support hours, and dedicated support email address and Filerobot's Solution Engineer

Enterprise Add-Ons


Multiply your business

When registering for an account, you obtain access to a multi-tenant management console where you can create separate projects to distinguish assets.

A project can be a customer if you are a digital agency or it can be a web or mobile application you are working on.

Every project has its own storage container, CDN distribution and usage statistics.


ML-based image compression

The main challenge with JPEG compression is to find the most optimal compression factor for each image.

Different compression parameters may result in different perceived quality.

The same image in different sizes may require different compression strategies to achieve maximum size gain without visible quality loss.

CDN Warm Up

The Go-Live absolute must

Your images are optimized, resized on the fly and sent to the CDN for delivery through Filerobot.

Shorten the time between the first image call and its delivery by warming the CDN up for you by calling in forehand all the most critical pages' media.

Your User will thus perceive no lag in the loading of your page in production.


Logs Monitoring

Use this performance dashboard to monitor the status of media after being processed by Filerobot.

This tool helps you monitor and get alerted whenever there is an issue with a distributed media (origin call, resizing, CDN delivery).

Real User Monitoring

On-the-field Performance

Install this mini RUM script to send performance information (DNS time, TTFB, TTLB...) on the images from the user's point of view.

It is executed in each user's browser after loading the page and returns the exact performance information of the images (city, country, provider). This script is secure as self integrated.

AI-powered workflows

Custom Automations

Managing billions of assets can be challenging and manual sorting is not an option.

We can help you build a custom workflow to integrate to your media lifecycle: detect an existing watermark, a coloured background, smart-crop a picture or automatically blur faces... are some use cases we worked on recently.

Filerobot Quick Start

Implementing Digital Asset Management has never been easier!

Performance audit

Images optimization process support

Upload process
integration support

Filerobot Advanced Integration and Training

All of the above, plus advanced integration:

Image Editor Integration and Customization

Auto-tagging integration

360 Spin Widget setup