Headless Digital Asset Manager

Integrate your DAM in your application via DAM APIs, Widgets and Plugins.
  • APIs

    Upload, manage and retrieve automatically all digital assets via Filerobot's API. Globally distributed API endpoints for fast upload and management.

DAM Widgets and Plugins

Empower your media with a few lines of code.

  • Uploader Widget

    The Filerobot Uploader is a multi-function uploader that brings uploading on web and mobile applications to the next level.

    Fully modular, built for customizable upload workflows.

  • Image Editor Widget

    The Filerobot Image Editor is an inline image editor to apply image transformations, filters and watermarks directly in your application to reduce the image time-to-display.

    Or use our Filerobot Adobe Photoshop Plugin for a better integrated, seamless experience.

  • Responsive Images Plugin

    Responsive images adapt their size according to the end user's screen size, thereby allowing your website or mobile app to load faster across any device.

  • 360° Spin Plugin

    Filerobot 360° Spin enables 360-degree product views to enhance user experiences. Perfect for

    e-commerce, automotive and real-estate to beat your competition.

  • Wordpress Plugin

    The Wordpress Plugin will automatically adapt the image URLs in your Wordpress site to deliver your images rocket fast over Filerobot. Powered by Cloudimage.

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